1. Not Broken

From the recording Beautiful Me

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You’re lookin’ at me funny but you have no reason to
You really think I’m different but I’m just the same as you
Why don’t you think before you say and think before you do
Yes I have a problem and yes I am aware
You might think it’s real and you might think I care
But if you look real deep and try to see what’s true
There’s nothin’ I can do and nothin’ I can say
I try and try every day to make it go away
But sometimes we can’t fix the things we really think we can
So if you do have somethin’ you really wanna say
Why not be brave and confident and say it to my face
We are all human beings face our problems every day

It may be a long road
But you have to take it cuz it’s your life
And there’s no time to fake it
I’m not broken no, I’m just a little lost

I hear your rude comments and hear your stupid jokes
And every time you say one of those, then it’s another poke
And every time you poke me more I feel I’m gonna choke
But now something is different I ignore you instead
I try to leave all alone the voices in my head
The ones that keep me up at night and don’t let me go to bed
You think this is what I wanted trust me I’d rather share
Every day to be haunted by your tough unbreaking stare
I wish you’d understand but I don’t know how you can
You keep askin’ me and askin’ me to make sure that it’s real
That I’m not lyin’ through my teeth or tryin’ to attention steal
Here I am to confirm your doubts and all of your suspicions


I wanna tell you but I just don’t know how
It’s something I have to do I just don’t want to fall down
I hope somehow I’m comforted I hope something is said
To help me reassure myself and help me go to bed
It’s not something to stop it’s no habit like I said
It’s not something that can be fixed by something that you read
So just step back and watch while I try to clear my head
I just sing and dance and jump around and play my guitar instead

I’m standin’ here and asking you to mind your own business
It’s just some little thing that you can learn to just dismiss
So next time you notice something new and start to hold a grudge
Just think about this song before you start to judge

I’m not broken, no, I’m just a little lost
But I’m finding my way, let’s just start with today

© 2019 Madigan Linnane (ASCAP)
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