1. Untold

From the recording Beautiful Me

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What am I gonna do, when I move out of this town
What and I gonna do
What am I gonna do, when I grow up
What am I gonna do
Maybe I don’t know what I want to be
Maybe I have no plans
Isn’t life about taking chances
And opening up your eyes to your life ahead
Maybe this time it will be different
Maybe this time we’ll forget about the past
We are looking for too many answers
To a story that’s untold

Hey, hey, whatcha really want
Hey, hey whatcha really need
Hey, hey what we really need
Is not what we’re thinkin’ of

Maybe I don’t know where I’m goin’
Maybe we don’t know what we’re lookin’ for
Maybe this time our stories are supposed to be untold
But I know it’s time to stop doing what we’re told
We have to chase the person we all want be
Who I am deep inside and my devils they collide
We’re the ones to pretend with masks on our face
There’s no race to make it to the end


It’s our job to inspire in fact it’s required of us
Reading the pages of a book tell you the story but you make up yours
You’re the one that makes the changes
We can help you a step or two
But you have to take the rest by yourself


Only you and the future hold the answer
To the story that’s untold.

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